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This training program is for Corporate Trainers, Teachers, Educators and all Subject Experts who wants to Create Video Tutorials and Sell Online Courses. Learn step by step on how you can earn money from teaching online and also how you can sell online courses and video tutorials in Hindi Language.

This eLearning course covers all necessary tools, topics and strategies to convert your knowledge and expertise into online courses and become a highly paid expert.

Syllabus for Create Video Tutorials and Sell Online Courses :

Module 01 : Building Trainer’s Personal Brand

  1. Brand Called You
  2. Specialization
  3. Presenting Yourself as an Expert Trainer
  4. Trainer’s Profile Designing
  5. Introduction through Endorsement
  6. Reputation = Webutation
  7. Expert Branding through Content
  8. Testimonials = Credibility
  9. Connecting and Community
  10. Story Telling
  11. Learning Skills

Module 02 : Conduct Webinars and Teach Online

  1. Understanding Business Model
  2. Start Immediately
  3. Instructor Led Training Courses
  4. Understanding Technology and Tools
  5. Planning and Creating Course Structure
  6. Designing Materials, Notes and Handouts
  7. Pricing and Fees Structure
  8. Selling and Publishing Your Courses
  9. Getting Student Enrollments and Admissions
  10. Partnering on Third Party Websites
  11. Creating Online Tests and Exams
  12. Teach / Learn Live from Mobile and Desktop

Module 03 : Create and Publish your eBooks

  1. The Future of Library – Start Immediately
  2. eBook Topics and Content Writing
  3. Create your eBook
  4. Structure and Formatting
  5. eBook Templates and Designs
  6. Pricing and Fees Structure
  7. Publish eBooks as PDF, ePub or on LMS
  8. Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle
  9. Publish eBooks on Play Store, Google Books, Flipkart, etc
  10. eBook Mobile Apps
  11. Using eBooks for Lead Capture or Lead Magnet

Module 04 : Creating Membership Sites (Blog, Emails and Expert Advise)

  1. Understanding Business Model
  2. Target Audiences and Students
  3. Content Strategy and Course Designing
  4. Recurring Membership Fees and Pricing
  5. Setting Up Email Automation / Auto Responders
  6. Setting Up Membership / Paid Blogs
  7. Consultancy Membership Model
  8. Online Live and Recorded Webinar Series

Module 05 : How to Create Video Tutorials?

  1. The Goldmine – Earn Higher Revenue
  2. Planning, Design and Structure of Course
  3. Setting Up Home Studio – Low Cost
  4. How to shoot Course Videos
  5. Setup Lighting Equipments for Video Shooting
  6. Audio Quality and Removing Background Noise
  7. Screen Recording Software and Tools
  8. How to Record Screen for Video Tutorials
  9. White Board Video Animation
  10. How to edit Videos
  11. Advance Video Editing Tools
  12. Publishing HD Videos with Compression
  13. Themes and Templates for Training Experience
  14. Make and Publish Videos on YouTube

Module 06 : Online Payment Gateway (Zero Investments)

  1. Understanding Online Payment System
  2. Collecting Fees Online without Website
  3. Understanding Commission 2% to 5 %
  4. Registering with Online Payment Gateway
  5. Documentation and Formalities
  6. Setting Up Payment Gateway
  7. Collecting Online Fees without a Website
  8. Creating Web Fronts for Collecting Course Fees
  9. Collecting Fees online on Website
  10. Collecting Fees Online through Email Invoices
  11. Payout Procedure and Compliances
  12. Collecting Payment via Facebook, LinkedIN, etc

Module 07 : Protect your Videos from Copy / Piracy

  1. Methods to Stop People from Copying Videos
  2. Integrating Support System
  3. Integrating Certification Program
  4. Mixing Live Webinar with Offline/Online Model
  5. Learning Management Software (LMS)
  6. BONUS SOFTWARE :- Video Copy Protection Software from us.

Module 08 : Website Planning and Structure

  1. Create your Own Website (Free and Paid)
  2. DIY Website – No Coding Required
  3. Designing and Planning Your Website
  4. Web Domains & Hosting
  5. Outlining the Objectives
  6. Writing About / Mission / Vision Statements
  7. Course Page – Demo Video Page – Pricing Page
  8. Call for Action Options
  9. SEO Fundamentals
  10. Tracking through Google Analytics
  11. Website Auditing
  12. Integrating Payment Gateway

After completion of thie eLearning program, you will be able to Create Video Tutorials and Sell Online Courses.

DEMO 1 : Three Point Lighting for Video Shooting :

DEMO 2 : Editing Video for YouTube Annotation :

Course Fees : Rs. 12000

Frequently Asked Questions :
How will I get Training ?

Once you make Fees Payment, we will send you Download Link within 24 working hours. You can download all Contents and learn from Step by Step Video Contents.

How can I join “Create and Sell Online Courses” ?

You can join this Course by making ONLINE PAYMENT HERE. You can also deposit Cash / Cheque / NEFT to below account :-

Bank :- State Bank of India
A/c Name : “Business Growth”
Current A/c No : 33893762637
IFSC Code : SBIN0001107
Branch : Raopura, Vadodara

If you are residing OUTSIDE INDIA, then you can make payment through PAYPAL or INSTAMOJO.

Is it difficult to learn ?

Absolutely NOT. Topics are explained through step by step process in a very simple language which is easy for students to understand and learn. You just need to have basic knowledge of computers and offcourse your subject expertise.

What is the duration of Course ?

Generally it takes 3 to 6 months to complete and implement this course. However you can access entire course till 1 year. Our Contents come with Serial Key protection with 1 year validity on 1 computer.

What about Doubts and Queries ?

We provide Email Support till 1 year for doubts and queries.

Any other Tools ?

Yes we give one Copy Protection Serial Key Software worth Rs. 7000 absolutely FREE with this course. You will also get themes and templates for Video Recording, PPT Slide Template for Screen Recordings. eBook Templates, etc.

Why I should join this Course ?

In 21st Century, Knowledge is the New Economy. Offcourse you will join this course to Convert your Expertise and Knowledge into online courses and video tutorials and make good money. But at the same time you will also contribute and enrich many people’s life by sharing your knowledge, expertise and wisdom and help people grow their life along with your financial and personal growth.

Enough Reading.. Join NOW.

Course Fees : Rs. 12000

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