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Learn to create professional looking PowerPoint presentations and creative slides through step by step Microsoft PowerPoint Online Course in Hindi. This course covers everything required to create awesome PowerPoint slides using Transitions, Animations, Timings, Objects, Color Combinations and lot more features that will ignite curiosity amongst viewers.

Microsoft PowerPoint Online Course Syllabus :-
  1. User Interface :- Learn the basics and familiar yourself with User Interface of PowerPoint.
  2. Slide Design :- Slide is the key to PowerPoint document. Learn how to manage and design slides to plan your presentation that is more relevant to the topic you are going to present.
  3. Slide Transitions :- Learn to give Transitions between slides including timing effects.
  4. Animation to Contents :- Learn to Animate your Contents like text, images and other objects in your presentation along with timing effect; so that viewers can understand the highlighted objects in your PowerPoint Presentations.
  5. Inserting Video :- Another great feature to engage your viewers to Insert a Video or Audio in your PowerPoint Presentation Slides.
  6. Slide Master & Slide Notes :- Save your time by using Slide Master feature that help you create common contents you want to use on various slide types. Slide Notes are very good feature for a presenter to keep your presentation on track and at the same time make sure all topics you want to explain are covered.
  7. Presenter View :- Cool new feature in PowerPoint 2013 onward. viewers will see only slide, but the presenter will have lot many extra controls in his Presenter. You can change and skip slides and your viewers will not even notice. You will also get section for slide notes that help you keep your presentation on time and cover all relevant topics.
  8. Presentation Controls :- Learn how to control your Live Presentations with Tools that will help you save time and look professional.
  9. Creating Corporate Video :- Learn how to convert your PowerPoint presentations into Video. You can create cool videos using PowerPoint slides like Corporate Video, Company Profile, Product Walk through, company history and lot many things.
  10. Photo Album :- Learn how to create Video or Photo Album using Powerpoint Slides. You can create Company Photo Portfolio, Event Photo Presentation Video, Achievements Photo Album, Company History, Personal Photo Album and lot many things.
  11. Printing Slide Handouts :- A good PowerPoint presentation slide has minimum text contents but at the same time it makes difficult for a presenter to include relevant topics and points. But thanks to Slide Handouts Feature that allows you to create Handouts or Important Points or Extra Notes on each slide that you can give your viewers for reference purpose.
  12. Sharing your Presentation :- Learn to share and export your PowerPoint Presentation Slides into PDF, PPT Show, Video, etc.
  13. Online Presentation :- Use the awesome feature by Microsoft Powerpoint to present the slides online by links that remove users can see it in their web browser online.



After completion of Microsoft PowerPoint Online Course, you will be able to create professional looking presentations and slides. You can also look at other Applications of MS office in Office Productivity Category.

Course Fees : Rs.  10

Frequently Asked Questions :
How will I get Training ?

Once you make Fees Payment, we will send you Download Link within instantly after making payment on your email. You can download all Contents and access it offline.

How can I join Microsoft PowerPoint Online Course in Hindi ?

You can join this Course by making ONLINE PAYMENT HERE.

Is it difficult to learn ?

Absolutely NOT. Topics are explained through step by step process in a very simple language which is easy for students to understand and learn. You just need to have basic knowledge of computers.

What is the duration of Course ?

Generally it takes 7 to 10 days to complete entire Microsoft PowerPoint Online Course. However you can access entire course till 1 year. Course Contents / Videos come with Serial Key protection with 1 year validity on 1 computer.

What about Doubts and Queries ?

We do not provide any kind of support for this course.

What about Exams and Certification ?

Exams and Certifications is not included in this course. For certification course, you can buy full MS Office Course.

Will I get Practice Files ?

Yes we have created Practice Files that contains Professional and Live Documents for each and every session that you will learn.  This will help you to focus on the Topic you want to learn in a more Practical Way.

Course Fees : Rs.  10

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