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tally erp 9 online course

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Tally ERP 9 Online Course covers in-depth  knowledge to meet the accounting requirements of the industry. We not only teach the concepts but also helps you learn how you can Practically implement those concepts in your Day to Day Accounting Process with practical examples and entries in tally.

Don’t just learn Data Entry in Tally
Learn Complete Accounting and Taxation System with Industry Experts.

Who Can Join Tally ERP 9 Online Course?
  • Anyone :- who wants to learn and perform accounting, inventory and taxation work on Tally.
  • Accountants :- Accounting Job Persons, Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, or any other professional who need to work on Tally Software.
  • Commerce Students :- Every commerce students must learn Tally ERP 9 Online Course, because majority of Indian Small and Medium Businesses use Tally ERP9 for their Day to Day Accounting work.
  • Business Owners :- Even if a business owner or top management don’t do data entry work in tally, then need to have knowledge of Tally Software so that they can analyse data, keep an eye on cash and fund flows, profits, finance, reporting and other valuable information that helps them in Decision Making.
Course Syllabus :-
  1. User Interface and Company Management
    • Introduction to Tally ERP9
    • Installing Tally ERP9 License Server
    • Creating a Company
    • Data Path for Tally ERP9 Companies
    • Altering and Deleting Company
    • Gateway of Tally and User Interface
  2. Masters – Ledgers
    • Understanding Ledgers
    • Creating Ledgers
    • Creating Multiple Ledgers
    • Altering and Deleting Ledgers
    • Practical Examples
  3. Masters – Groups
    • Understanding Groups
    • Creating Groups
    • Altering and Deleting Groups
    • Practical Examples
  4. Masters – Bill wise Debtors and Creditors Ledger
    • Using Practice Files
    • Configuring Bill wise Details
    • Examples on Creating Bill wise Ledgers
  5. Payment Voucher
    • Understanding Default Vouchers
    • Payment in Single Entry Mode (Examples)
    • Payment in Double Entry Mode (Examples)
  6. Day Book in Tally
    • Understanding Day Book Reports
    • Altering and Deleting Transactions
  7. Pre-Allocation of Bills
    • Pre-Allocation of Bills
    • Practical Examples
  8. Receipt Voucher
    • Understanding Receipt Vouchers
    • Practical Examples
  9. Contra and Journal Voucher
    • Understanding Contra for Banking
    • Practical Examples on Contra Vouchers
    • Practical Examples on Journal Vouchers
  10. Cheque Printing in Tally ERP
    • CTS Cheque Printing System
    • Practical Examples
  11. Masters : Inventory
    • Understanding Inventory
    • Integrating Accounts and Inventory
    • Practical on Stock Group
    • Practical on Godown and Locations
    • Practical on Stock Category
    • Practical on Units of Measure
    • Practical on Stock Items
    • Manual Stock Valuation without Inventory
  12. Value Added Tax (VAT)
    • Understanding Value Added Tax
    • Practical – Creating Purchase Masters
    • Practical – Creating Input Tax Masters
    • Practical – Creating Sales Masters
    • Practical – Creating Output Tax Masters
    • Practical on Units of Measure
  13. Purchase Voucher with VAT
    • Practical on Purchase in Single VAT Class
    • Practical on Purchase in Multi VAT Class
    • Practical on Purchase in Voucher Mode
  14. Sales Voucher with VAT
    • Practical on Sales Voucher
    • Tax Invoice
    • Practical on Tax Invoice
    • Printing Sales Invoice
  15. VAT Reports and Payments
    • Calculating VAT Payable
    • VAT Tax Ledger Balances
    • Practical on VAT Payment
    • VAT Reports
  16. Billing Features in Tally
    • Zero Valued Entries
    • Different Billing and Actual Quantity
    • Additional Cost of Purchase
    • Discount Column on Invoices
  17. Purchase Order Processing
    • Purchase Order Process
    • Purchase Order Voucher with Examples
    • Receipt Note (Inventory) with Examples
    • Rejection-Out Voucher with Examples
  18. Sales Order Processing
    • Sales Order Process
    • Sales Order Voucher with Examples
    • Delivery Note (Inventory) with Examples
    • Rejection-IN Voucher with Examples
  19. Debit and Credit Notes
    • Debit Note Returns with Examples
    • Credit Note Returns with Examples
  20. Bank Reconciliation in Tally
    • Understanding BRS Process
    • Practical Examples
  21. Price List in Tally
    • Price Listing Masters
    • Practical Examples
  22. Credit Limit
    • Credit Limits for Customers
    • Practical Examples
  23. Stock Transfers
    • Understanding Stock Transfers
    • Practical Examples
  24. Manufacturing Vouchers
    • Bills of Materials
    • Practical Examples
    • Job Costing and Examples
  25. Batch Wise Details
    • Understanding Inventory Batches
    • Practical Examples
  26. Re-Order Level in Tally
    • Understanding ROL
    • Practical Examples
  27. Interest Calculations (Auto Mode)
    • Activating Interest Calculations
    • Practical Examples
  28. Voucher Types and Class
    • Voucher Types and Masters
    • Practical Examples
    • Voucher Class and Masters
    • Practical Examples
  29. Point of Sales
    • Point of Sales in Tally
    • Practical Examples
  30. Scenarios and Optional Vouchers
    • Scenario Management
    • Practical Examples of Optional Vouchers
    • Scenario Reporting
  31. Budgets and Controls in Tally
    • Budget Masters and Configurations
    • Practical Examples
    • Budget Reporting and Analysis
  32. Cost Centres and Cost Categories
    • Understanding Cost Centres
    • Cost Centres Entries
    • Understanding Profit Centres
    • Practical Examples
  33. Party Ledger Analysis
    • Customer and Supplier Balance Checking
    • Customer and Supplier Bill Wise Checking
    • Overdue Payables and Receivables
    • Outstanding Reports and Printing
    • Confirmation of Accounts
    • Negative Ledgers Report
  34. Purchase and Sales Reporting
    • Analysing Purchase and Sales Register
    • Analysing Debit and Credit Note
    • Overdue Payables and Receivables
    • Outstanding Reports and Printing
  35. Stock Analysis and Reports
    • Stock Registers
    • Stock Valuation
    • Stock Transfer Report
    • Negative Stock Report
    • Record Physical Stock and Shortage
    • Stock Entry without Perpetual Inventory
  36. Cash and Bank Reports
    • Cash Book and Bank Book
    • Stock Transfer Report
    • Negative Stock Report
  37. Search, Filter and Sorting
    • Searching and Finding particular entries
    • Sorting with Alias, Numbers and Texts
    • List of Ledgers and Groups
  38. Financial Reports
    • Trial Balance
    • Profit and Loss Account
    • Balance Sheet
    • Working Capital
    • Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statements
  39. Multi Language
    • Multi-Language Feature
    • Practical on Multi-Language
  40. Export, Import, Backup and Restore
    • Export and Import Formats
    • Practical Examples
    • Data Backup and Restore
  41. Central Sales Tax (CST) in Tally
    • Understanding CST and Forms
    • Creating CST Masters
    • Practical Examples
    • CST Reports
  42. Service Tax in Tally
    • Understanding Service Tax
    • Creating Service Tax Masters
    • Examples on Service Income and Expense
    • Service Tax (Input) Adjustments
    • Tax Reports
  43. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) in Tally
    • Understanding TDS
    • Creating TDS Masters
    • Practical Examples
    • TDS Payment
    • Tax Reports and Tax Forms
  44. Tax Collected at Source (TCS) in Tally
    • Understanding TCS
    • Creating TCS Masters
    • Practical Examples
    • TCS Payment
    • Tax Reports and Tax Forms
  45. Central Excise in Tally
    • Understanding Excise Duty
    • Example with Case Study
    • Creating Excise Accounting Masters
    • Creating Excise Inventory Masters
    • Excise Purchase
    • Manufacturing Entries
    • Excise Sales
    • CENVAT Credit Adjustments
    • Excise Duty Payment
    • Excise Reports and Forms
  46. Payroll Accounting in Tally
    • Understanding Payroll
    • Pay Heads and Categories
    • Employee Details and Salary Details
    • Attendance Entries
    • Salary Payment Examples
    • Pay Sheet and Pay Slips
  47. Finalisation Entries
    • Finalization Process
    • Depreciation Entries
    • Creating General Reserves
    • Provision for Taxation
    • Bad Debt Reserves
    • Partnership Firm – Transferring Profits
    • Outstanding Expenses and Accrued Income
    • Changing Financial Year
  48. Data Security
    • Tally Security Feature
    • Password Policy in Tally
    • Security Levels and Types
    • Users and Passwords
  49. Tally Audit
    • Understanding Tally Audit
    • Auditing Ledgers and Vouchers
  50. Tally Dot Net Features
    • Configuring Dot Net
    • Accessing Tally Data from Remote Location
  51. Multi-Currency
    • Configuring Multiple Currencies
    • Entries for Foreign Transactions
    • Forex Gain and Loss
  52. Printing Reports
    • Sales Invoice
    • Printing Payment and Receipt Vouchers
    • Printing Various Other Reports
  53. Miscellaneous
    • Inserting Vouchers
    • Duplicating Entries
    • Split Company Data
    • Merge Tally Companies
  54. Shortcut Keys


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Tally ERP 9 Online Course Certificate

After completion of Tally ERP 9 Online Course, you can appear for online exams and after passing exams, you will be awarded with Tally ERP9 Expert Certification.

Course Fees : Rs. 1800

Frequently Asked Questions :
How will I get Training ?

Once you make Fees Payment, we will send you Download Link within 24 working hours. You can download all Contents and access it offline. We will also courier you DVD + Printed Notes on your registered address within 7 to 15 days depending upon geography. Shipment of DVD is done in India only.

How can I join Tally ERP 9 Expert Course with GST ?

You can join this Course by making ONLINE PAYMENT HERE. You can also deposit Cash / Cheque / NEFT to below account :-

Bank :- State Bank of India
A/c Name : “Business Growth”
Current A/c No : 33893762637
IFSC Code : SBIN0001107
Branch : Raopura, Vadodara

If you are residing OUTSIDE INDIA, then you can make payment through PAYPAL or INSTALMOJO.

Is it difficult to learn ?

Absolutely NOT. Topics are explained through step by step process in a very simple language which is easy for students to understand and learn. The entire Tally Online Course is designed to meet the requirements of industry and are approved from C.A. & Business Experts.

What is the duration of Course ?

Generally it takes 30 to 45 days to complete entire Tally Course. However you can access entire course till 1 year. DVD and Download Link Contents come with Serial Key protection with 1 year validity on 1 computer.

What about Doubts and Queries ?

We provide Email Support till 1 year for doubts and queries.

What about Exams and Certification ?

Once you complete your course, you can appear for Online Exams which are in MCQ format. On passing exams, you will be awarded with Tally Expert Course. Passing Marks 60% and you will get 3 attempts.

Will I get Practice Files ?

Yes we have created Tally Company Data for each and every session that you will learn.  This will help you to focus on the Topic you want to learn in a more Practical Way.

What about Update ?

Government makes changes from time to time in Accounting and Taxation Rules and hence Tally Software always keep updating it’s features. We provide new Videos for update and new features in Tally Software absolute FREE upto ONE year. After 1 year, if you want, you can renew your subscription by paying 50% of Course Fees. (Optional)

Course Fees : Rs. 1800

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