How to find Keywords for SEO related to your Business or Product ?

How to find Keywords for SEO Hindi India

The Number 1 step for SEO or Search Engine Optimization is How to Find Keywords for SEO related to your Business, Products or Services. In this SEO Tutorial in Hindi, you will learn the Ultimate Goal for Keywords with respect to SEO.

The main Goal as an SEO Expert is to Match Searches to Answers that users are looking while they enter Keywords in Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.

In other words, we have to make relevant information available to the searchers for their queries on our website or webpage. From Keyword Research, we also get Insights on how people use a particular keyword, but again what type of information they are looking for.


How to find Keywords for SEO ?

Thus, after looking to above Video, we found that by doing Keyword Research, we have to identify different combinations of keywords that people search online and what information, products or services we can offer. After getting all relevant information about Keyword Combinations, we can create Blog, Articles, Web Pages, etc that serves the need of searchers.

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