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In this video you will learn SEO Audit Report Tool that we just included in our Marketing Automation Software offerred by

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SEO Audit Report Tool Features  :-

After reviewing your page for the provided keywords, SEO Audit Report Tool will assign your page a letter grade (i.e. an A would mean that your keyword appears in 90-100% of our tool’s parameters, while a C signifies that your keyword appears in 70-80% of the tested elements). The higher the grade, the better targeted your page is for the keyword(s) you have specified.

  • Broad Keyword Usage in Document
  • Broad Keyword Usage in Page Title
  • Appropriate Use of Rel Canonical
  • Appropriate Keyword Usage in Document
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Document
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Page Title
  • Avoid Multiple Page Title Elements
  • Exact Keyword Usage in Page Title
  • Keyword Placement in Page Title
  • No More Than One Canonical URL Tag
  • Exact Keyword Usage in Document
  • Keyword Usage in Image Alt Attribute
  • No More Than One Meta Description Element
  • Sufficient Quantity of Characters in Content
  • Sufficient Quantity of Words in Content
  • Appropriate Characters in the URL
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing in the URL
  • Keyword Usage in URL
  • Static URL
  • Appropriate Keyword Usage in H1 Tag
  • Appropriate Page Title Length
  • Avoid Keyword Self-Cannibalization
  • Keyword Usage in Bold/Strong/Emphasized/Italics
  • Keyword Usage in the Meta Description
  • Meta Description Usage
  • No More Than One H1 Tag
  • Avoid Excessive External Links
  • Avoid Excessive Internal Links
  • Appropriate URL Length
  • Minimal Subfolders in the URL
  • Appropriate Meta Description Length
  • Avoid Using Meta Keywords Tag
  • Employ External Links
  • Keyword Placement in H1 Tag
  • Canonical URL Tag Usage

We will keep on adding more features to our Magnet Marketing Automation Tool.

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